Sugar Pine Railroad

We had 9 cars drive up to the Sugar Pine Railroad for a nice steak dinner, some music, a train back into the forest, some more music and then a ride back on the train all under a full moon.

Grizzlies Den Run

31 members drove up Hwy 49 to the Grizzlies Den Restaurant for a nice lunch and then drove into Mariposa for ice cream and a walk around town. After that Walt and Marlene Reimer invited everyone to their home in Awanee for a cold beer on the way home. Good day, I already had one ask me to do it again in Oct after it cools off.

Summer Club Birthday Party Sep 2016

We had 25 members come to the annual Club Birthday Party at Roger and Janice Tozlian's home for a great BBQ Tri Tip Dinner. They were super hosts and provided the Trip Tip and Snacks. Everyone else brought their favorite pot luck. Great time for some good food and a visit. Also had our Sept meeting and discussed up coming runs.

Cat Haven Oct 2016

We had 16 for our Cat Haven run on Oct 1st. Beautiful day with the tops down. Nice lunch at Twin Valley in Dunlap. Cat Haven has an amazing collection of lions, tigers, panthers, chetahs, etc. Took a group tour and learned a lot. I recommend going if you have never been there.

Gold Country Run Oct 2016

We had seven cars take a nice drive up to Gold Country for a short two day trip. We went to places like Colombia, Murphy, Jackson and others. Spent the night in Arnold. Took over the parking lot, told stories drank some wine then went out for a nice Italian dinner. Headed home the next day, weather was perfect, nice drive with the tops down.

Christmas Party Dec 2016

Our Christmas Party was held at Roger and Janice Tozlian's on Dec 17th. We had a good turn out, had a short meeting, elected officers for the coming year and then had a great ham dinner. Thanks to the Tozlian's for hosting this event. Unfortunately no pictures were taken. Merry Christmas everyone.

Jan 2017 Coastal Run

 It was the last weekend of January and time for our annual coastal run  Due to the extreme rains this year, and mudslides to the north, we decided to go south this year. On Friday AM, 7 SJVMC (San Joaquin Valley Miata Club) cars & members met in Kingsburg along with 2 cars from SDMC (San Diego Miata Club).  Heading south we picked up another SJVMC member in Bakersfield. Once at the  Magic Mountain area, we  picked up yet another SDMC car, and merged onto Hwy 126 heading to the coast.  We twisted and turned on Hwy 23 to Westlake Village and had lunch at Boccaccio's along the lake. It was here that the final 8 cars from the SDMC joined in.  Following lunch we continued our twists and turns on Hwy 23 to Malibu.  We traveled north on Hwy 1, and spent the night in Oxnard.  DInner was at the hotel and the group spent the evening socializing.

On Saturday, we drove up the coast to Santa Barbara and toured Casa del Herrero, a historic house, garden and workshop. Everyone seemed to enjoy this hidden treasure.  The miataphiles were again on the road up the coast to Goleta where we were served sandwiches, chips and cookies by our friends at Moss Motors.  Chris at Moss organized the lunch and a tour of their distribution center along with an opportunity to purchase car parts.  Following our tour, we meandered up the 101  coast and over to Lompoc.  Again, we had social time before our family style dinner at La Botte Italian Restaurant.  The dinner was completed with dessert and entertainment by Mama Catarina. 

The next morning we had a leisure drive up Hwy 1 through farmland and coast to lunch at Sea Shanty in Cayucos.  At this point, the SDMC separated from us to head to Cambria.  The SJVMC did one last twisty road - Old Creek Road back to Hwy 46,  and stopped at Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles to enjoy the artwork and music (no wine), then back to Fresno.  The weather was perfect, and we were able to ride "topless" all weekend.  Until next year....



Rescue the Children

Many of us took a tour of the Rescue the Children Facility as we gave our donation to them.

Blossom Trail Run Feb  2017

We had 9 cars meet at the Blossom Trail Café for lunch and then head out on the Fresno County Blossom Trail. We finished in Clovis at Togo's for ice cream. It was a great day with the weather giving us a break in the rain. Except for Greg getting 5 cups of coffee and two glasses of tea spilled in his lap, it was a perfect day.

Poker Run May 2017

We had 22 cars that did about 180 miles on our annual Poker Run. We stopped for lunch at El Cids in Oakhurst and finished up with dinner at the Manhattan in Fresno. Had a little rain during the day but it was so light that people didn't even put their tops back up. Good scenery, good day, good food. Just a fun day. Special thanks to Marna Wood for putting this run together. We raised money for a donation to the Manna House in Oakhurst. The amount yet to be determined.

Manna House June 2017

At our June meeting, our club presented the Manna House from Oakhurst a check for $1500. The donation was from both the procedes of the poker run and the rest from our treasury.

Lake McClure House Boat August 2017

There was 11 of us, we had good food, lots of laughs and I believe fun for all, even some neighbor house boaters joined us for dinner and drinks. The water was perfect.

Thanks, Nancy.

Shaver Lake Sept 2017

We had 8 cars take a nice drive up the old tollhouse through Shaver Lake, up to Huntington Lake, back down through Big Creek and back to Shaver Lake. There we had lunch at the Shaver Lake Lodge. After lunch we took the back road to Auberry and then headed home. A great run and the weather was perfect even a little chilly up top which felt good after a long hot summer. Good job Jim and Judy Irvine for putting on the run.


Annual Club Birthday Party Sept 2017

We had 22 people join us at the Tozlian's home for a great summer BBQ. As usual Roger and Janice did an awesome job of hosting the party plus cooking the beef and chicken kabob's. Everyone had a good time, weather was good, just a fun annual event.


Mammoth Pool Picnic Run

We had a great Picnic Run. It was a beautiful day. Jim McKee, Jack Wilburn, Roger and Janice Tozlian, Brian and Becky Wieber (Owners of a brand new RF Model) and hopefully new members, and Glenn and Judy Vinson. Had a great picnic and went exploring the area. It's a very nice place. The road up was almost deserted so we got to push the Miata's through the corners, it was a gas!!!!


Las Vegas Hoover Dam

We had 6 cars head to Las Vegas and took a tour of Hoover Dam, then off to lunch at Boulder City, a surprise stop at the chocolate factory. A very funny variety show that night and the next day a nice drive up to Mt Charleston and then back to town to go to the Mob Museum. Breakfast the next morning at the Cracker Barrel and then the drive home. Weather was great and the planned activites were great, only problem was Greg and Mary Wheeler's broken clutch on the way home that required a tow truck ride to Fresno. Jim and Juanita did a fantastic job putting on this run.

Annual Christmas Party

We had 22 people enjoy our annual Christmas Party including 3 from a band that entertained us thanks to Ralph and Nancy. Good food and good music made for a fun night. No meeting that night since election of officers was not needed. May Wheeler is taking over as Secretary. Club One Casino turned out to be a great location for the event.




The SJVMC just completed their 2018 Coastal Run.  The run was led by Jim & Juanita McKee, and this year, the club went a little further north on their excursion.  We left from Fresno on Saturday AM, with 10 cars.  We picked up 2 in the foothills, 1 in Madera, and another in Los Banos.  We caravanned to Filoli Gardens in Woodside, had a picnic lunch, than toured the home and gardens.  From there we were back in our cars for the short drive to Half Moon Bay.  Saturday night, we ate at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

On Sunday we did a loop run that took almost 2 hours.  It was a run found on the internet, and suggested by the Ritz Carlton Hotel as a way to see the area.  We drove Hwy 92, then onto 35, then along to Hwy 84 (Alice’s Restaurant) took a right along to Pescadero Canyon Rd. turning left back to Hwy 1. Once back on Hwy 1, we headed north back to Half Moon Bay and lunch as Sam’s Chowder House.  A member of BAMA joined us for lunch.  Everyone loved the run!

We had 3 cars from the San Diego Club and 2 from SOCALM.  We had 3 cars unable to attend at the last minute.  Several stayed over to enjoy another day at the coast, and the beautiful sunshine.  Those that left, drove back down the coast to Santa Cruz for an ice cream stop prior to heading back over the hills home.

Four cars stayed an extra night, toured a light house, went out for dinner then sat around, relaxed and had a  few beers. Then took a scenic tour home on Monday on Hwy 25 south of Hollister, stopped at an old biker bar for a hamburger and then home. Great weekend. Jim and Juanita did a great job putting this run on.

Lunch Run Feb 2018

We had 10 cars leave Fresno and head up to Oakhurst for lunch at Taqueria Plazuelas, a great Mexican restaurant. After lunch drove to the other end of town to Reimers Candies for ice cream. Sat outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather. After ice cream some headed home and some drove around Bass Lake and took a longer drive home. Welcome new members Brian & Becky Weibe on their first run. Just a nice lazy day drive in the sun with the tops down.